Hello world!

Spirited Bodies greets the world enthusiastically!

I want to introduce Spirited Bodies, which is a team of life models who are dedicated to sharing their unique experience with newcomers. Life modeling is an unusual and increasingly popular occupation, as life drawing currently expands in the UK. This type of drawing from the naked human still body, is a vital access point into art and drawing for the complete beginner as well as being great practice for the seasoned artist. It is said that there is nothing quite so difficult to draw as the human form, and it also fascinates us as we each have a body, but rarely see many others unclothed, and particularly which we may study acutely with permission to stare and keep examining.

The model must remain quite still as s/he is captured on paper or canvas. Detailed observations of the body are drawn, as well as more essential qualities relating to a model’s energy and mood.