See Women for all women only sessions; for the next Stories of Women event see here

Spirited Bodies at Bodykind Festival

We will be at the world’s first festival dedicated to celebrating body acceptance and diversity, in October in Totnes, Devon.

Our life modelling and drawing workshop will be on Saturday 14th October from 5pm – 7:30pm, at Mansion Studio 1, 36A Fore Street, Totnes TQ9 5RP and is a separately ticketed event costing £5.

Tickets are available here.


The Stories of Women at The Feminist Library

The 3rd event in this new series will be on Monday 23rd October; our model will be Hana; 7pm – 9pm at The Feminist Library;

Multi-purpose Resource Centre
5 Westminster Bridge Road

Hana will be modelling and telling you some of her story and experience of modelling. There will be time for discussion, and you will have the chance to pose! You are welcome to just come and draw if you prefer. No experience necessary.

Tickets cost £5, £7.50 or £10 depending on your income – you decide. Tickets available online in advance or on the door. The events are open to All women. This is a body and sex positive environment, supportive of sensitive discussion that is wholly inclusive.

Some drawing materials provided.

Tickets are available here.

Plenty of guidance is offered or available in how to pose. While women are trying modelling for the first time, there is a conversation with everyone in the room about whichever topics come up. These may include body politics, everyday sexism particularly in the life drawing space, or the practicalities of life modelling – physically, as well as how it works as a job.


Spirited Bodies with All the Young Nudes, Edinburgh

On Wednesday 23rd August we will be at the Edinburgh festival, hosted by All the Young Nudes. This is a mixed event, accompanied by an eclectic DJ set. We are looking for up to 10 people to model, of all genders; whether for the very first time, or a seasoned professional. Get in touch to express interest, explaining a bit about your reasons. This is not a paid gig, but guidance will be given; and as well this is a unique and special opportunity to pose as a group. It is of course also a fabulous opportunity for artists to challenge themselves with multiple figures of varying body types in tableaux.

6:30pm – 9pm

Whitespace, Norloch House, 36 King’s Stables Road, Edinburgh, EH1 2EU

For tickets see here


Spirit of Women Changemakers – Fawcett Society conferences in London & Manchester

The London event is on Saturday 12th November and takes place at St Thomas’ Hospital.

The Manchester event is on Saturday 19th November and takes place at The Studio.

Our workshops will be from 2:30pm – 3:30pm.

If you identify as female and would like to take part in one of the events as a model, please email me at stating your reasons – there are limited places. This is not paid modelling, but nor would you need to pay to come to the event. Similarly if you are a female life drawing artist in or near Manchester who would like to come and draw at that event, please get in touch. It is great to have some experienced drawers present! It looks like we may not have space to accommodate the same in London unfortunately, however if that changes I shall put the word out. In any case, you can always buy a ticket to the conference and join us that way, as well as seeing lots of inspiring talks. I will be bringing drawing boards and materials.

There is lots more information here, including how to buy tickets.

12828376_1084952551527419_2789867827089698993_o© Irene Lafferty at Women of the World festival 2016

Sound & movement with life drawing

Two workshops with soundbath; slow nude movement and stillness; and life drawing.
1pm – 3pm Women
4pm – 6pm Mixed
Participants are invited to flow with Sarah Kent’s healing sounds, finding ways to embody sound, whilst being drawn, or drawing. A sharing of practices is encouraged – people may come to try modelling as well as drawing, and possibly also experiment with sound making.
Collaborative drawing on very large paper, and posing as a group.
Kathleen Dutton will lead drawing exercises, and Esther Bunting the movement and modelling work. This will be a very free and model-centred type of posing, for experimental drawing.
We will begin with a circle of meditation and intention making.
This collaboration began between Esther, Kathleen and Sarah last year at Bargehouse in November, then in March this year we met to experiment together with our different art forms. We are excited to open this up to small workshops, with up to 8 models, and 8 artists/mark makers at each session. If you are interested please email explaining your interest in participating. We can then send you the ticket link if selected. We will try to gender balance the mixed event (though mainly with regard to models), and the women’s session is naturally open to all who identify as women.
Tickets are £10 or £15 depending on income. Special rate available for women staying all day.

The sessions are ideal for those wishing to embrace their nudity, feel at one with their body, perhaps already on that path to naked liberation, feeling comfortable nude with others. Alongside that is opening up to creativity of a different nature through mark and sound making. Explore your energy and switch on your senses; this is a healing, moving meditation with soundbath and drawing.

Sarah is a collaborative sound artist, folk fiddler, homeopath, reiki practitioner and bodyworker.

Kathleen is an artist & creative director; zen yoga, theta healing & reiki practitioner with passion for well-being and creative collaboration.

Esther is a movement and performance artist, playwright, event facilitator and life model.


Drawing by Kathleen at Loving Bodies in April ’16, featuring Sarah.

Spirited Bodies at Telegraph Hill Festival 2016

This is a fairly small mixed event, which will be part of the regular life drawing session at Telegraph Hill Centre, that meets on Thursday evenings. It is currently run by Frances Felgate and was started by Alexandra Unger.

This is a free event, though donations are very welcome. A group of up to 6 models will pose in tableaux, from 7:30pm – 9:30pm, with a short break in the middle.

In the Craft Room at the Telegraph Hill Centre, Kitto Road, London SE4 5TY – access via St Catherine’s Drive.

For upcoming women’s workshops see our Women page for events in March 2016.

Workshops are where we prepare new models with simple life modelling exercises in a smaller group. Some artists attend just to draw, and most participants are there to try modelling. Everyone draws when they are not posing, even if unfamiliar with life drawing or any kind of drawing! It does not matter what your drawing is like, looking at other models from the artist’s perspective will inform you as a model. We provide basic drawing materials, though more experienced artists prefer to bring their own. N.B. There is no photography (of models) at workshops; this only happens sometimes at events, with consent naturally.

For now, we are not welcoming men to model, unless they are specifically invited by us. This means that sessions are either women only, or mixed, with men who we are totally confident about.

If you are transgender or intersex you are most welcome. For women only sessions, that includes anyone who identifies as a woman. There may be some women only sessions which do not include women with penises for now (as a general rule, though there may be exceptions) as there is a particular need among (cis) rape survivors especially for such a space. If trans inclusion becomes more normal, this may change, as my/our confidence in handling these matters expands. This is about accommodating different people’s potentially clashing needs. The different groups are not enemies, they just sometimes require support from a more similarly backgrounded group.


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  1. I am going to be in London from Oct 20 – 27, are there any sessions I can model at? This would be a first for me and I am very intrigued.

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