People come to model with Spirited Bodies to experience being nude with others in a relaxed environment, for the creation of art. They want to face body issues and feel the warmth of human bonding in a way our society rarely offers; to be seen as a work of art and have the opportunity to express oneself in moments of silence and stillness.

From overcoming eating disorders, celebrating the joy of losing weight, adapting to a post-teenage body, rehabilitating after illness, addressing ageist stereotypes, rediscovering one’s beauty post-divorce and making new friends to being a part in the process of creating art – Spirited Bodies has a great deal to offer.

Led by professional life models Spirited Bodies offers preparation workshops for life modelling in advance of events.

Practise posing – staying still and knowing what is suitable for your body, as well as bringing out your best features.

Understand the difference between posing alone and in a group; when to be the ‘star’, and how to be part of an ensemble tableau.

This is about group dynamic, kinaesthetic response and spatial awareness. It also looks at the connection models make with artists and how an awareness of their point of view informs poses.

Group exercises tune you to make the most of your Spirited Bodies experience and give you a chance to connect with others participating at the same time.

Modelling in Mixed Events

Some events are women only, and if they are mixed, the men modelling have been specially selected by us as we know and trust them. This creates a safe space for new women to experience a mixed life modelling environment.

There are very occasional opportunities for new men to model with us, in specially selected events, however we do not operate a waiting list for this, and we are not looking for new applications.

30 thoughts on “About”

  1. i would like to be part of your group,i have done a bit of life modelling,but not in a group. I was given your detail,by one of your models.

  2. I like your website very much. If I were in the UK I’d certainly model at your events. Living in Israel, I have to make do with S. Tunick and local artists.

  3. Hello, I am here until the 6th, am stayIng in leyton. Have quite alOt of experience in the states. Would be glad to give a little of my time here and would like to meet local artists if schedules can be worked out.

  4. I read about your life modelling in the Mail on Sunday today. It seems like everyone got a great deal out of taking part. Sounds like something it would be great to try! Do you hold events like that regularly?

    1. email estherbunting@gmail.com with answers to the following: Questionnaire for New Models ~ Spirited Bodies


      Contact details:

      1. Have you done any life or other nude modelling before?

      2. Why do you want to participate in Spirited Bodies?

      3. Do you have experience as a performer or artist?

      4. Do you have experience in martial arts or sport/fitness?

      5. Do you have experience in meditation?

      6. What is the longest length of time you think you can hold still for?

      7. Do you mind touching another model whilst posing e.g. holding hands?

      8. Do you mind or want to be photographed whilst posing, and if so to what degree i.e. identifiable or not?

      9. How old are you?

      10. How would you describe yourself physically? How physically active are you and with what type of activity?

      11. How did you hear about Spirited Bodies?

      And finally, 12. Whereabouts do you live?

      Also go to ‘Events’ page and see if you can attend a workshop

  5. Hi there. It’s sounds amazing – first heard about you at the South Bank at Women’s Week 🙂 I’m interested in modelling (as well as drawing). Is it best to email esther with my response to those 12 questions (see 25th Jan 2013 reply)? Thanks. Liane

  6. Hi there. It’s sounds amazing – first heard about you at the South Bank at Women’s Week 🙂 I’m interested in modelling (as well as drawing). Is it best to email esther with my response to those 12 questions (see 25th Jan 2013 reply)? Thanks. Liane

    1. Hello Liane, thanks for getting in touch. Yes do email me with your replies to either email address, and then I can let you know when the next opportunity to model and draw is. Look forward to meeting you, Esther

    1. James you need to email us or join us on Meetup to apply. Sounds like you would like to draw though in which case for many of our events/workshops you can just turn up – details on ‘Workshop’ or ‘Event’ pages.

  7. Hello I would be interested in taking part as a model, I only have experience of drawing not posing! have wanted to do this for sometime!

  8. Hi: having read the above article I’m very interested in attending one of your classes I’m a complete beginner and never posed nude for art classes before .i have always been interested in The Arts and look forward to hearing from you on classes ,dates ect ect.Kind Regards.Darryl.

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