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Spirited Bodies would like to hear from potential partner venues in London and beyond.

We run various types of event, listed below, so please let us know what interests you. In general, models pose and artists draw, but sometimes there is a cross-over and occasionally this can be a feature. For most events, we believe it’s best to have at least twice as many artists as there are models. In our workshops, everyone can take a turn at both drawing and modelling.

Events can be women-only or mixed, or even men-only – although we await our first request for this! They can be clothing optional, which helps to break down the barriers between artists and models, but this is not necessarily popular with a majority of artists and typically attracts more men.


Our workshops are for up to 15 participants. All may take a turn to draw or model, and guidance on posing is a main feature. Poses may be themed – like a static naked drama class – and up to 25 minutes long, but usually shorter. Models may pose in groups depending on numbers. Sessions are typically 2 hours.

Workshops can also happen at an existing life drawing session, if I am invited to cover. Could involve just 3 models for example, including a longer pose perhaps (40 minutes for example). This way, individual models get more attention and feedback about their poses. A regular group of artists at a session may gain a new insight into the complexities of the life models’ experience.

Soundbath event

These are larger events for a group of between 7 and 20 models, possibly more in the right circumstances. These work best in a large enough space that has good acoustics, and is aesthetically atmospheric. Theatrical type lighting can help if natural light less available.

Space for models’ and artists’ refreshments is welcomed – perhaps a kitchen. Sessions generally last 3 hours, including a break – possibly longer with time for debriefing after – and can include themed poses connected with the soundbath. Poses last from 1 to 45 minutes, typically.

Interview event

These events for about 10 to 15 models, and require a well-heated and comfortable space with good changing facilities. They can be the most powerful events for transformational experiences. I interview models, and some artists, in advance and record their voices. The edited material is played during the session to create a broad soundscape, mixing up the more moving and light-hearted reasons that participants have for being there. Some music also included.

Poses can be themed around individuals featured in the interviews if they are comfortable with this. Hearing our voices, as well as each others’, can be very striking! The events typically last 2 to 3 hours, with poses of 5 to 20 minutes. Some modelling guidance is given.

Performance event

These large events are for 10 models upwards, but ideally invite 20 to 30, attracting both professional models as well as novices. They require models to be part of a structured performance, including some simple choreographed movement, possibly sound, and static poses. Selected professional models may take on more defining roles accompanied by a larger chorus. A large atmospheric venue is needed. Depending on complexity, some rehearsals may be beneficial – certainly instructions are given in advance, requiring models to arrive early on the day for a run through.

All abilities and levels are welcome and will be accommodated. Typically these are all-day events, with a lunch break in the middle. Ideally models’ expenses are covered. Venues should have a PA and good lighting. Events are themed – for example, on the body, or a human soundscape, or something topical that benefits from the uniting of different peoples through our shared naked unity.

What we look for from a partner venue

  • Modelling spaces need to be well heated – we can advise you on that.
  • Warm and comfortable changing areas – for people who identify as women in one private area, and everyone else in another. Obviously in a mixed event everyone is posing together, and can change together if preferred, but sometimes women still appreciate their own space for changing.
  • Ideally accessible to all.
  • Promoting the event to your networks and beyond into the community to attract newcomers – particularly artists, and women wanting to model. You can book us for a private members’ life drawing club also, if your profile fits our requirements – our group is model-centred, primarily for new models gaining confidence, with their safety and comfort in mind.
  • Preparing the space with heat and a comfy posing area with cushions; chairs for artists – possibly to lean boards on as well as to sit on.
  • Providing perhaps a table and chairs, on a platform, plus lighting (not necessary for workshop).
  • If possible providing drawing boards and easels for artists, as well as drawing materials – paper, charcoal, pencils, pastels etc.

What Spirited Bodies will provide

  • A varied group of models and all the care they need.
  • Artists from our network, mainly if in London.
  • Clean sheets, robes, and other materials if necessary and possible.
  • Running the event on the day including some set-up and get-out.
  • Pictures and text for promotion.
  • Documenting the event for post-event publicity including sharing pictures of the artwork created.
  • A photographer if appropriate – depends on event and where it is – including images to share afterwards.

Talk with slideshow

We can accompany any of the above with a talk and slideshow, or run this as a stand-alone event in its own right. The talk may include some posing by a couple of Spirited Bodies organisers, with audience being invited to draw. Timing depends on whether modelling and drawing is included, and what the talk covers.

Themes include body image in our times, what Spirited Bodies does, background of Spirited Bodies, examples of transformational experiences from Spirited Bodies, as well as tales of the wider naked movement and evolution of life modelling and drawing.

The requirements for this event include projection technology and space for the number of people you wish to accommodate. Heating and drawing materials are needed if you would like some posing.


Contact info.spiritedbodies@gmail.com to enquire about fees.

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