Life modelling and life drawing

We are an activist organisation championing body positivity, feminism and personal empowerment through the practices of life modelling and life drawing.

Since 2010 we’ve worked with hundreds of people, creating a wide range of exciting, empowering events with model-centred life modelling and drawing at their core.

Spirited Bodies events

Stories of Women

In the first half of these women-only events, a professional female model poses whilst talking about her life, her experiences and body image. Artists are encouraged to join in the discussion. After a break there’s a chance for artists to try posing with the model or as part of a group.

More about Stories of Women events.

Real Life

These body positive life drawing workshops for teenagers take place in a safe, supportive environment. Our aim is to give young people a chance to draw diverse natural human figures, whilst at the same time talking about body image issues such as how we see ourselves and others.

More about Real Life events.

Have I Got Nudes for You

Life drawing meets topical news quiz for these events, in which the Spirited Bodies team creates poses inspired by current affairs. Lots of quick poses, always fun, and a chance for artists to take part as models in the second half.

Spirited Sounds

These multi-model life drawing events include an immersive soundbath. We work with sound artist Sarah Kent to create life drawing events in spaces that have good acoustics and are aesthetically atmospheric. Poses are often themed to connect with the sounds.

Spirited Interviews

Ahead of these events, life models are interviewed and their voices recorded. The edited material is then played during their life drawing session to create a soundscape that shares the surprising and sometimes moving reasons participants have for being there.

Multi-model life drawing

It’s what we’re famous for! Ever since our first multi-model event in 2010, artists have looked forward to Spirited Bodies’ life drawing extravaganzas, in which groups of experienced and novice models combine and interact to create diverse tableaux.

Life modelling workshop

Workshops empower small groups of people to try life modelling for the first time in a safe non-judgemental space. After some demonstration poses by Spirited Bodies models, participants can try for themselves – as bare as feels comfortable – whilst others draw.

Spirited Bodies theatre

Spirited Bodies’ artistic director, Esther Bunting presents performance art and theatre with opportunities for life drawing throughout. These interactive events may be part-clothed, part-nude, and are always thought-provoking.

Spirited Bodies talk

We are enthusiastic participants in panel discussions on body politics, feminism and the arts, as well as offering talks and presentations to audiences of any age or demographic. Our passion is to share our knowledge and experiences with young women and girls.

Spirited Bodies collaborations

Body Narratives

In partnership with London Drawing.

Body Narratives presents a life as well as a life model. At each drawing event, a carefully selected model will pose and speak, touching on a range of subjects close to all our hearts. London Drawing began in 2006 and continues to devise exciting creative drawing events across the capital.

More about Body Narratives events.

Truth is Beauty

Workshops with Claire Collison.

‘Truth is Beauty’ is a life modelling performance by Claire Collison, which includes an opportunity for women to experience life modelling for themselves, co-hosted by Spirited Bodies. Claire is an artist, writer and breast cancer survivor who has used her body in her art practice for 30 years.


About our mixed events

When we run mixed events, the men modelling have been specially selected by us as we know and trust them. This creates a safe space for new women to experience a mixed life modelling environment.

There are very occasional opportunities for new men to model with us, in specially selected events, however we do not operate a waiting list for this, and we are not looking for new applications.

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