Supposing life drawing was widely available in schools, youth centres and other safe settings for teenagers – not just for art students, but all young people…

Life drawing offers a potential antidote to some of the identity or image problems that young people often experience, and which may be exacerbated by over-use of social media. Issues such as negative body image need to be addressed at all levels of society, but life drawing can provide a powerful way to draw attention to human issues, starting with the body.

The life room is an excellent space for students because the body is accepted uncritically and appreciated in an open, healthy, non-sexualised way.


Our life drawing events for young people are organised in a way that encourages open discussion, making it more accessible to newcomers, talking about participants’ diverse experiences – the kind of events that anyone would feel comfortable trying, led by an experienced practitioner.

We take advantage of the natural way in which life drawing presents the human body for examination, talking about human issues such as the perception of our own and each others’ bodies, caring too much about what others think, or finding a greater sense of embodiment and how that gives you more personal power – all these things are important for living.

You can read more about these themes in the Spirited Bodies blog, ‘Body Positive Life Drawing for Teenagers‘.

Real Life and other events

We started our programme of Real Life – life drawing for teenagers events in the summer of 2019. You can read about the experience and our other work with teens during that July and August in the Spirited Bodies blog, ‘Teenage Summer‘.


The blog also describes the Body Positive Life Drawing For Teenagers: Lee Krasner event facilitated by Spirited Bodies at The Barbican.

Taking inspiration from Lee Krasner – as an independent spirit and strong female role model – who broke new ground and succeeded as a woman artist, this life drawing workshop invited young people to draw and listen to an experienced female life model in a fun, relaxed session to help build-up confidence.

Get in touch

If you are interested in booking Spirited Bodies events for teenagers, please get in touch – contact Esther at info.spiritedbodies@gmail.com

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