Becoming Sexualised, Thick-Skinned & Engaging

For some women, the decision to try life modelling may precipitate a considerable shift in the way they are perceived by their peers, family and any other acquaintances.  If  you’ve never been perceived as a femme fatale, I’m not saying it’s guaranteed when you bare all for artists, however the confidence which you begin toContinue reading “Becoming Sexualised, Thick-Skinned & Engaging”

Some Feedback from Participants

We asked the women who tried life modelling for the first time how they felt afterwards. Here’s some things they said: “I really enjoyed it – it was the relationship between the models and the artists – and the comfortable feeling between the models as well. I enjoyed feeling unselfconscious about my body, and IContinue reading “Some Feedback from Participants”

Morimda, Lucy & Esther

Morimda conceived of this project of Spirited Bodies and first initiated it as part of a course with Landmark. The idea was a community project where she found interested and appropriate people or leaders from the communities of life drawing and life modeling to help her. Having modeled for 15 years she had a goodContinue reading “Morimda, Lucy & Esther”

Hello world!

Spirited Bodies greets the world enthusiastically! I want to introduce Spirited Bodies, which is a team of life models who are dedicated to sharing their unique experience with newcomers. Life modeling is an unusual and increasingly popular occupation, as life drawing currently expands in the UK. This type of drawing from the naked human stillContinue reading “Hello world!”