Mother love and a tutor called Karn – Lucy Saunders asked me some questions about creating the show ‘Girl In Suitcase’

The show is very autobiographical, and while it is not especially about my Mother being from a different time with different expectations, I guess it also is. It is about a cross-generational clash, and the mending of this. It is about a character with little or negative outlook in life, made worse by her disability.Continue reading “Mother love and a tutor called Karn – Lucy Saunders asked me some questions about creating the show ‘Girl In Suitcase’”

Breaking the Muslim Tradition & Celebrating Transformation

Anita was brought up in Malaysia as a Sunni Muslim, where women have some freedom of choice about whether to cover their heads and faces. As a young person her parents brought her to London and throughout her 20s she chose a conventional path; marriage, university, career in a bank and the birth of herContinue reading “Breaking the Muslim Tradition & Celebrating Transformation”

The Naked Date

A multi-life modelling event on Friday 5th August is open to men and women who would like to try it. This is being opened to men as well, as being comfortable with our bodies is something we may ideally share regardless of gender. If you are interested, please contact me, and if you think friendsContinue reading “The Naked Date”

Guestblog: Contrasting Worlds – Secret Life Model

I live in at least 2 worlds – World 1 where nudity is required, and where the use of a gown is the only veil to a complete acceptance of a naked body in a room of clothed observers.  It’s non-judgmental – fat or thin, white or black, hairy or shaved, anything goes and observersContinue reading “Guestblog: Contrasting Worlds – Secret Life Model”

Guestblog: Male Perspective & the ‘Naked Date’

It struck me as odd that Miss Bunting – a sexual animal who enjoys the company of men, had devised Spirited Bodies with her friends as exclusively female.  I know there were good reasons for this but I also think that the aim of encouraging naked confidence is relevant for both men and women. SoContinue reading “Guestblog: Male Perspective & the ‘Naked Date’”