It Seemed Incredibly Normal to Stand Around Unburdened by Clothes

“It’ll be ok, I told myself that morning, I’m sure Esther will reassure us, tell us what to do, she’ll make it all work.

by Brian McKenzie;

Then there was train trouble at King’s Cross and I ended up rushing in after they’d all started. So in the end my preparation was getting undressed and walking into a roomful of people! Bizarrely it felt perfectly normal. Not embarrassing. Not awkward. Not even chilly. It seemed incredibly normal to stand around unburdened by clothes. In dreams when I am naked, I have always been mildly apologetic rather than humiliated – it reminded me of that. Only no need to apologise because nakedness was exactly what was expected. I highly recommend the experience to anybody prepared to try a little thought experiment, know you are alive by doing something a little unnerving or just yearning for two hours without chores, text messages, responsibilities or objectives. Therapeutic, communal yet individual.”

Thank you Catherine!

by Francis Wardale, "I like quick sketching, I've done sessions where I've got a model to do 100 different poses and I'm quite likely at my Life Drawing group if I've got spare time at the end to do drawings of the whole room - model and artists";

by Charles Patey, "It is very rare that one gets the opportunity to draw multiple models."

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