I am reposting these inspiring words from the first group of women who ever modelled at Spirited Bodies. I want to bring the focus back to how this experience can help someone overcome body issues and generally give a sense of liberation. I want to reach out to women again, and would make a women only event if that is wanted. Sometimes as a seasoned pro I forget what a big deal it is to a total new comer, but often that is where the magic sparkles most. I hope this encourages you and I look forward to helping you to create art and enjoying being yourself more. Lots of love from Esther

Spirited Bodies

We asked the women who tried life modelling for the first time how they felt afterwards. Here’s some things they said:

“I really enjoyed it – it was the relationship between the models and the artists – and the comfortable feeling between the models as well.
I enjoyed feeling unselfconscious about my body, and I enjoyed the challenge of staying still – which was easier at some times than at others! I enjoyed having such attention not for something that I had done or said, but simply to help the artists to do what they love doing; there was every chance of succeeding in the task just by existing rather than having to outwit someone else; I loved the lack of competition but the success of us all as a group.
I didn’t really think about the poses much beforehand, but when you were explaining it to us, I did…

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