Performing Stillness & the Wild Women of Wandsworth

Missing performing yet engrossed in all things Spirited Bodies I find myself pondering a more performative event though still with various folks modelling. Ursula who modelled at the last 2 SB sessions is a performance poet and wanted to combine her talent with the SB format. Maybe I am just too precious about what we do but I feel she would not be the only one with designs on an additional role. I suggested she gets in touch with Sarah Small who does provide a real opportunity for nude model/performers in an amazing context. Small’s productions are grand, operatic and extend to unusual movement artists. They are not for life drawing, nor for the same purpose (as us) of giving a possibility to those who had not considered it or find it a milestone in terms of confidence.

It would require much work, and satisfy another part of me, to choreograph a nude performance with some voice and movement, still with a chance to be drawn and also to be watched by another audience. A mixture as we already are of totally new models and the more experienced, many of whom have performance skills to offer.

The inspiring Tableau Vivant of Sarah Small:

May 2011 – 120 Model Tableau Vivant – Skylight One Hanson from The Delirium Constructions on Vimeo.

Back to the present time and Lucy and I have been engaging in the gate crashing of several Wandsworth based women’s meetings and what a spectrum. From the Women of Wandsworth Enterprise Launch Lunch on the Kambala Estate which is mainly for single Mums who so frustrated with the difficulties of finding work have decided to create a networking group to help them start their own businesses, to the well to do ladies of the Women’s Institute situated in the posher parts of Wimbledon and Putney. An eye-opener indeed. For someone who runs a community project I almost felt inadequate as I listened to the wide range of skills and experience the Wandsworth Mums have between them. They spanned many backgrounds from accounting, finance, community cohesion, teaching, campaign groups and much more, and the common refrain was that having children had thrown them off course. It was a privilege to attend their 1st Enterprise meeting and Lucy has been invited to demonstrate a working business plan at the next. They have already won awards (as their home organisation Women of Wandsworth) for all their community operations – saving libraries, playgrounds, and generally helping each other out. We of course hope some of them will model!

At the W.I. I felt a bit in the way, though I imagine every district has its own flavour (there’s more to come) and to actually be booked as a speaker needs months of advance procedures.

Here are some lovely pictures from the Enterprise Launch with WoW Mums (NB we haven’t found the Wild Women of Wandsworth yet but I think they may be ranging about on Wandsworth Common perhaps to be seen on a full moon night. At least I am hoping).

2 guys present: speaker from Job Centre Plus – Ray Ward, and a male WoW supporter
nothing exists without a photo these days!

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2 thoughts on “Performing Stillness & the Wild Women of Wandsworth

  1. Hi Esther, I think Sarah Small’s productions are some of the most amazing performances I have seen. Very hard to say why – may be that is it, they are unique, like a weird melange of humanity, emotions, music and visual extravagence. I know Sarah is trying to organise a global tour and I have encouraged her to come to London. I am sure that there would be a few of us models who would love to be part of one of her performances. i think she is fund raising at the moment – lets hope it happens one day. Take care and keep up with your fantastic blog..

  2. Thanks Neil, yes a few models at our recent event said they were following up with Sarah Small, and it is tempting. I know also however that when it comes to theatre these days, I probably couldn’t enjoy participating at the expense of my own writing, I already find striking a balance so tricky. Good luck with that.

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