Thanks for finding us! Are you in the UK and in London?

Would you like to take part in one of our events?

If you are further away I know we would like to make Spirited Bodies happen in many places when we can.

Do you have a particular reason for joining us? We would love to hear your story.

For people wanting to model, we only accept applications from women.

Professional life models sometimes volunteer to take part for the broader experience. We do not offer payment, though sometimes cover expenses.

58 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Good evening
    I read with interest an email sent to tutor at the life drawing lesson at which I’m a model.
    I’m interested in taking part in the Drawing Theatre as a life model.
    I am a male in my mid thirties and am lean and defined. I have now been a life model for the past 5 years in various council and educational life drawing classes.
    Would be happy to provide references from some of my tutors if you’d like.
    Let me know if you are interested.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hello! Thanks for your message and interest. The event is mainly for people who have not tried modelling before, to give them a taste of what it may be like, in fact in an unusual context i.e. with multiple models and a little choreography. You could join us though you understand this is not a paid position. If you are interested it would be great to meet first. Please email if this appeals. Cheers, Esther

      1. Hi My name is Ruth I would like to give life modelling a go. Would you have anything on the afternoon of the 27th of Feb or the morning of the 28th of february 2013

      2. Hi Ruth, I do not currently know our schedule for those dates, however looking at the diary there is unlikely to be a workshop or event at those sort of times/dates. It is possible and much more likely I will be working – life modelling at one of those times, and you may be able to join me at a job, subject to agreement of whichever group I work with. I sometimes arrange sessions like this when people can’t make the workshop. Best to email for further arrangements. Thanks,

      3. Hi Esther,
        i’ve just discovered spiritedbodies today and would love to be involved in both modelling and drawing. Whats the best way for me to join/take it forward?
        Can you let me know when you can,
        Kind regards,

      4. Hi Shaun, best thing is to send us answers to following questionnaire: Questionnaire for New Models ~ Spirited Bodies


        Contact details:

        1. Have you done any life or other nude modelling before?

        2. Why do you want to participate in Spirited Bodies?

        3. Do you have experience as a performer or artist?

        4. Do you have experience in martial arts or sport/fitness?

        5. Do you have experience in meditation?

        6. What is the longest length of time you think you can hold still for?

        7. Do you mind touching another model whilst posing e.g. holding hands?

        8. Do you mind or want to be photographed whilst posing, and if so to what degree i.e. identifiable or not?

        9. How old are you?

        10. How would you describe yourself physically? How physically active are you and with what type of activity?

        11. How did you hear about Spirited Bodies?

        And finally, 12. Whereabouts do you live?

        Email answers please. Also come to a workshop when you can – see ‘Events’ page for details and join us on Meetup too for more info. Let me know if the dates work for you. There will be more. Thanks, Esther

      5. Hi Esther,

        I’ver added in my replies as required – hope that helps – let me know if you need anything else. Kind regards, Shaun

        > >

    2. hi I am the orginiser of the kings cross start of the london world naked bike ride if you should decide to use kings cross as your start venue we have a dedicated area for body painting that is away from the main gaze (you can still be seen but not intruded upon ) we have toilet facilities (not all starts have these) and we are just outside orf the st martins school of arts.

    1. This is a very good point and something we have wondered about – thanks for asking! The statement is because we began the project just for women because that was our first passion and where we of course have experience. Since the 2nd event we have included men in our events, though it is true we have not changed the tag line. It is possibly time to change it, however my observation is that women tend so far in our experience, to having a bigger breakthrough when they participate. I mean there seems to be a bigger need among women to reclaim their bodies. For example, there are many women who are happy to take part if modelling just with other women, but they wouldn’t do it with men. Men don’t seem to mind if there are women there or not, if anything they prefer to be with women. So the statement is in reference to the continuing gap in equality of gender. It may be different in Sweden or elsewhere?

      1. Yes, in many cases there is a clear difference due to gender but it is not always biased towards one end.

        For instance many art schools and similar here, as well as testimonials from people attending their courses, claim that there is a lack of male models, that variation is good and that male models often offer a higher degree of challenge to those attending but still they only hire the typical models – curvy or young women.

        Another example is that male nudity is often regarded as more offensive or lewd. How come?

        The third example is that many, so also women, claim that the female body is more esthetic, more pleasing to the eye and generally more beautiful than the male body that is described as harsh, uninteresting or ugly. Add to this that too many men tend to confuse homosexuality with expressing positive views about an other man’s body which further adds to this case as well as the first I stated.

        I would be delighted to hear what other visitors think.

  2. Hey Konstmodell! You make some important points again, and fill in the picture more acurately, thank you.
    The problem with artists/tutors often hiring the same female types certainly exists here, and I put it down to old fashioned male chauvinism – the models are hired according to the tastes of the men choosing. In one place we model, the female artists habitually complain aout the lack of fit young male models! I’m sure they would like you. There are a few muscular guys who get booked regularly and it is said that the level of definition on their form makes for a strong appreciation of musculature, as well as an ability on their part to hold difficult poses.
    As for your comment on the opinion that male nudity is seen sometimes as more offensive, I think this is down to an unhealthy attitude about nudity generally. Fear and what we call ‘political correctness’ mean that laws and regulations are based on the unfortunate cases of abuse that arise. Men are more likely associated with abuse cases, though of course this is not simple, and while men may be more likely to be actively involved, women are often enablers, or less visible as more of the psychological variety.
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and visually we are more confronted with images of ‘attractive’ nude females in the media. So your point about the aesthetic appreciation of men may be partly down to exposure (!) And yes, it is more acceptable, still, for women to appreciate other women, than it is for men to enjoy looking at men (unless they are gay).
    I do wonder however, if a memory from when we were babies perhaps, makes us all drawn to look at breasts! I remember as a child being fascinated with the female nude, partly because people are mostly covered up so there is a mystery, but also I reckon due to that early feeding instinct. I was not interested in male nudes till I was older. Is this just socialisation?

    1. I would not claim that I am muscular but maybe I could fit into “well defined” and, well, “well hung” too which I know by comments some female artists indeed notice. No matter if artist or not, man or woman, I think we can conclude that people like seeing wimply what they like seeieng according to their standards, ideals and taste.

      By this I do not at all claim that I as an art model want to be looked upon as anything but a model and a subject for creativity, not for artists’ fantasies or desires, male or female.

      It is, so I believe, best to be subject to variation and not just focus on what you like the most so if an art class is to offer the artists the best experience it is wise to offer male and female models of different shapes, right?

      By the way, some photos can be seen at if anyone reading this might be interested.

      I wear my nude body naturally and relaxed and has been doing so for as long as I can remember. I am a naturist so I always choose nude beaches to relax in the sun and since beeing a teenager I enjoy mixed saunas and cannot understand the big fuzz about the nude body that forces friends of opposite sexes to not be allowed to enjoy a healty relaxing sauna together on a normal bath here in Sweden. In Germany that seems to be all natural and available.

  3. i contact you a few weeks ago,about modelling with you. I could not do the date that was scheduled(21 march),so can you keep me posted to the next one,please.

    Kind regards


  4. Hi i live in maidstone and am interested in modelling for your projects also 🙂 I also read your blog about rockbitch with interest as i had chance to go onstage and backstage with the gals in their day, was such a sexual experience. Do you know if alex is contactable on social media xx

    1. Hi Kerri, great to hear from you and glad to hear you had the pleasure! I don’t know about contacting Alex, you could try through their website. I shall be announcing dates for upcoming events imminently! Cheers 😉

      1. Hey thanks for reply. I’ve tried that but font think they use anymore. Shame I fancied a trip to fife for old times sake. Look forward to announcements as would love to model with and for you hun. Do you have private email I can send pic to xx

  5. Hi
    I love the website and the idea behind spirited bodies – would really love to take part in one of your events
    kind regards

      1. Hi Esther
        Thanks for your reply & for getting back to me so soon – look forward to meeting you too & getting involved


  6. Hi Esther

    Hope you were able to open the attachment to my email reply to you! I filled as many of the answers as best I could.

    kind regards

  7. Hi Esther,

    I’ve attended the drawing theatre a few times (behind the easel!) and I’d love the opportunity to swap sides and try modelling at the October event (or any other).

    Are you still looking for people for this?

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Rigi, email me with the answers to these questions:
      1. Have you done any life or other nude modelling before?
      2. Why do you want to participate in Spirited Bodies and how did you find out about it?
      3. Do you have experience as a performer or artist? if yes, what? how recently?
      4. Do you have experience in martial arts or sport/fitness?
      5. Do you have experience in meditation?
      6. What is the longest length of time you think you can hold still for?
      7. Do you mind touching another model whilst posing e.g. holding hands?
      8. Do you mind or want to be photographed whilst posing, and if so to what degree i.e. identifiable or not?
      9. How old are you?
      10. How would you describe yourself physically?
      11. Where do you live and what is your postcode?

      Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you, Esther

  8. Hi
    This seems like a fascinating idea. One variation on this might be a “model and draw” event. I have met somef models who got into modelling from their studies as artists. Equally, some artists fancy giving modelling a try but never feel they could or would make the grade professionally. Maybe a session where people could draw one to one in a shared space, or be split into groups of 3 or 4, taking turns to draw and model. I suggest it to see if anybody is interested. If not then at least we all know

    1. Hi Jim, thanks for the suggestion. I have often thought that everyone at an event should have a go at the modelling, and certainly models learn a lot about what they do by trying to draw. We include that in the preparation workshop, and it would be good if we could have an event along the principle you describe; a most empowering idea.

  9. Hi
    Glad you liked it. If you decided to run a session it should be aimed at artists (of any standard) who just want to practice drawing a wide range of people. I know artists who would do 1-2 hours life drawing every day if they could afford to. If an artist takes it seriously they should draw every day. Good luck with it.

  10. Hi. Well if somebody from SB would like to start it off ? Maybe put a note on the boards of places where people draw or the noticeboards of art colleges. Say they can come alone or a group of 2,3 or 4 friends to participate in an expereince of genuine artistic creativity in a supportive and friendly environment. SB has already established its reputation so that should maintain it. Just one final piece of advice – stress that no photography permitted. Many will not go near it if cameras are present.

  11. Hello! At the present we are busy preparing for October which though a month away gets a big run up. We are running workshops for participants to ease them into the idea of life modelling. At the workshop they get to draw each other (some clothed, some nude depending on how they feel) and us (nude). We talk about the different poses and create some individually and some as a pair etc. While these workshops are aimed at participants for the event, I am aware that there may be others who would like to do them too. A workshop has from 5 – 12 participants plus us. We didn’t do that for the Mortlake event Nicholas because of time constraints and Lucy my partner being away. You – either of you – are welcome to join this time however. There are some details on the events page, and further workshop details are being finalised.
    After the October event, perhaps we may open this out to anyone/particularly artists in a slightly different format. There is no photography at the workshops.

  12. Hi. The workshop sounds ideal . I and many artists would not be interested in posing for two hours without drawing, especially on front of a large audience. But if it was possible to pose for 5-15 minutes and then swap with another or pose for 15-20 minutes over an hour as part of a group of 3-4 that could work very well. Your workshops sound very useful. Posing advice from a model’s point of view would be extremely helpful. Do most people at the workshop eventually model nude ? I assume so, as that is the point of Life Drawing.

  13. Hi. The workshops are relatively new but I believe will expand. Last time I did not suggest to the participants to be nude but one asked to be semi-nude. This time I am suggesting the possibility and we will see what emerges. The thing is it’s a preparation for an event where they definitely will be nude if they don’t bottle it. In a way practising clothed is a good way to gently lead oneself into the unusual art of staying still. That way you can concentrate on other changes before the nudity aspect, like the odd feeling of being watched intently while others focus on you solely. So it’s up to the individual how they choose to experience the workshop.
    At some events, some participants opt to spend half the time modelling and half drawing and gain a great deal from seeing/being both sides.
    In time another workshop/event could evolve as you say with everyone understanding from the beginning that life modelling and drawing are experienced by all. Thank you for your contributions.

  14. That sounds like you are the ideal people for such an event. I have to say, staying still enough for an artist for just 5 minutes seems almost impossible to me. I really admire those who can – there must be a technique to it. I have also wondered what it must be like to be stared at so intently, while realising it is not you the artists are staring at – rather the shape and play of light on front of them. Sometimes it must be very hard for models to keep a straight face while looking at some artists. Presumably best to stare into space – another technique to master. I have to admire those who participated so far – nude on front of a large group of artists first time. but it appears to work rather than the gradual approach.

  15. I would love to do this I am a 56 Year old Man not in perfect shape but tall and not too many extra pounds

  16. Hello, I would like to model at one of your events, I am a former RAM memeber and have posed for life classes, but never with a group, if you need for a male model then please get in touch with me.

  17. Hi there,

    I have life modelled a couple of times before and really enjoyed it.
    I’m also a hobbyist photographer and have used myself in nude poses like this also,
    I would love to get involved with your groupif I can. I’m half an hour outside London but I hope this isn’t a problem?

  18. Distance does not stop our participants, the waiting list for men who want to model can be an obstacle however, but if you don’t mind waiting your turn or joining the lottery of taking part in a workshop then please email so I can add you to the list.

  19. Hello. I am a male and I would like to be available to model during a weekend session. Could you please email me with details? I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

  20. hi! I just found your spiritedbodies site,I live in London and would be interested in doing poses this month august at the place you mentioned,and also lter on too..I did some art modal poses at the university of sevilla in spain some years ago when I ran out of money while traveling,,the poses were for drawing,anatomy ,sculpture etc and I posed still for 30 mins ,then rest and then again etc,just seeing your page got me interested again…

    1. Hi Daniel, great to hear from you. Unfortunately we are already fully booked for guys to model this month and in fact have a long waiting list of men wanting to model! However, stay in touch as you never know when an opportunity may arise in future.

  21. Hi im loolong to do some posing in glasgow but finding it hard to get any work im 47 year old male average build average looks

    1. Have you approached local organisers? Try going along to draw so you can get to know them, as well as be in the right place at the right time when a model doesn’t show up!

  22. Hallo
    I’m interested in joining you sessions if you ever have any in South London – I have a severe disability so getting further afield can be a bit difficult for me.

    Are the sessions ones you can just turn up, or do you have to book in advance – again due to my condition I cannot guarantee my attendance in advance.

    I have been doing life drawing since my teens and have always loved it. I have always wanted to try life modelling as I feel it would feed well into my drawing. I have so far only done a twenty minute pose as a model, and that was clothed (i stepped in for a midel who was late) but the students told me I was a natural and didn’t move a muscle. It was an interesting experience!
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Anoushka, apologies for the delay in getting back to you, I have been out of the country, in fact in a place where I often did not have access to the internet. You are most welcome to join in a session when you can make it, no worries if you don’t know in advance. I do hope that I can make an event happen in South London in the not too distant future, some time in the new year. Keep an eye out on this site, or email me ( so that I may contact you. Thanks for getting in touch.

  23. I’m a heavily tattooed make from Los Angeles visiting and I would love to be a nude model for me to be drawn is there any way I can do so? Please let me know as I’m only in town till July 31

  24. Hello. A neighbour of ours who has been to a number of your life drawing sessions and also lectures at Tate Britain suggested I get in touch with you. I’m a registered life model (RAM 4887) and I was absolutely fascinated by what she told me about you – especially your body confidence and mutual support philosophy.

    I’m completely committed to the idea of body confidence – think it’s so important to try to help people to be comfortable with who they are physically – and would love to join you in one of your modelling sessions at some time in the future if you’d be willing to have me.

    I’m male, 5ft 7in, mature, with a shock of curly hair and expressive brown eyes. I’ve done life and portrait modelling for drawing, painting, sculpture and animation, have a strong client list – and I absolutely love the work! Although I’m professional I would love to offer my services and participate in one of your sessions.

    I have a working name as a model, Del Mikdit, but usually work under my real name, which is Tim. I do hope this is of interest, and if you need any more information at this stage, please get in touch.

    Tim (Working name: Del Mikdit).

    1. Hi Tim, thanks for writing and great to hear about your passion for modelling. I don’t often create events that include male models and when I do, I have to have met them in advance, or gotten to know them. Perhaps come along to draw sometime and introduce yourself as that may be the best way. As most of our events tend to be for women opportunities for men can however be few and far between, but you never know!

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