Body Narratives

In partnership with London Drawing.

Body Narratives presents a life as well as a life model. At each drawing event, a carefully selected model poses and speaks, touching on a range of subjects close to all our hearts.

Join us at our next Body Narratives on 25 January 2020.

London Drawing

London Drawing began in 2006 and continues to devise exciting creative drawing events across the capital.

We’ve been working with London Drawing since 2012, organising spectacular multi-model extravaganzas such as The Big Draw and A Human Orchestration, as well as more intimate conversational sessions.

Past events

Body Narratives #4 – Mud
25 January 2020
Our first session of 2020 focused on non-gender conforming poet, performer and activist Mud Howard, who talked about their journey of identity and self-acceptance through art and performance.

Body Narratives #3 – Valentina
26 October 2019
Valentina Rock posed for us and shared her experiences of life modelling, burlesque performing, learning to love her body, and growing up in casinos.

Body Narratives #2 – Daryl
10 August 2019
Life model, performer and comedian Daryl Hembrough speaks about his body, his mind and the physical conditions that he’s dealt with since birth. A fascinating session with an incredible model.

Body Narratives #1 – Diana
22 June 2019
Focusing on age and the life lived, beautiful Diana tells her extraordinary story of life and modelling, from the London art scene of the 50s, up to the present day with more body confidence than ever!

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