Pretty in Portobello

We really admired the artwork from this event

There is a lot more to follow. Truly, artists had a very free style in Ladbroke Grove and we salute that. Just 5 models finally made focus a little clearer, and me being one of them made working out poses with the group nice and easy.

some images from Spirited Bodies in Mortlake

We didn’t take any photos at this event which some people missed, but of course there was lots of artwork

Models posed mostly individually to begin with, and after the break they were more connected, in fact in tableaux suggesting some scene. There was a naked funeral, a naked wedding, a party… these only lasted for half an hour, so artists were pretty pushed to get it all down with 7 or 8 figures in each group. Some lovely abstract work too. I put some other pictures in the ‘Images’ page, but couldn’t figure out how not to get the new images muddled up with ones from last year… another time. Plus there’s lots more uploading to do. Just wanted to start this as I know how much people really want to see work from the recent event. Thank you to superb new & experienced models alike, they were a fantastic group, some sharing experience and others learning very quickly. Even for the pros though there is the novelty of being en group. Clifford, a seasoned pro pointed out that it is a very different experience to being alone as you are not supposed to be the star but instead part of an ensemble creating a striking pose together. Very true.

More anon.

‘Little Pieces of Me’ by Sylvie Rouhani

One of Sylvie's 'Little Pieces of Me'

It was my first time joining the Spirited Bodies as a model. I wanted to be there in the morning but as I overslept so I only came for the afternoon session.

I was rather calm and reserved sitting on my own after getting into my dressing gown…I was very much into my own bubble for the last two weeks going through very painful things. Esther was great in encouraging me because she knew I wasn’t in a good place.

When it was time to get in and pose, I first put myself in a corner in a very simple pose sitting down at the bottom of the “stage”. I wasn’t sure what I was meant to do…I just started to change position as I felt it or when I got tired and then I went with flow… It was then a beautiful feeling of freedom…I was trying a lot of different poses to get to know my limits.

'Little Pieces of Me' are Sylvie's self-figure portraits

There was this wonderful warmth coming from the group, everybody seemed to be so happy to be together and we were communicating with each other very easily. There was definitely a strong connection amongst us and we were all moving smoothly, in harmony.

Each one of us was beautiful, in our own ways. It was a celebration of our individual beauty!

My reasons for joining in was to give myself/my body a loving and gentle experience…As a child I was physically, sexually and emotionally abused and I recently had a struggle with treasuring myself and my body.

I wanted to be in the mixed group to experience a gentle closeness to the men around me. They were all beautiful in their own ways and it felt safe to be here together.

It was a liberating and freeing experience for me to be with these wonderful and beautiful people. We created bonds of friendships and I definitely look forward to seeing some of my fellow models and being creative with them.

Sylvie has a blog;