Creature of the Sea & a Spirited Body

Today I modelled at ‘The Poetry School’ in Lambeth and inspired poems instead of pictures, aided by the imaginative props of Pascale Petit, the poet facilitating.

I held a conch; lay on a sofa my body covered in star fish; created a dance to the rhythm of the sea as I waved sea fans, was dressed up as an owl woman (mask and owl faces stuck on me), and beheld a Chinese deer skull. All in all a bit different and delightful to hear the results. I am hoping that people from the class will get in touch with their poems so I may include them here.

Owl Woman by Juul Kraijer

This image was the original inspiration which Petit recreated with me.

Some poems & images have made their way to me, I’m really happy to share them 🙂

Donnal Dempsey's response to my sea fan dance
L'Etoile de la Mer ~ star fish pose
this was the 'owl' pose, but Donnal has not drawn the owl faces on me, just a suggestion of a mask, works very well
Janice Windle captured movement in the sea fan pavane
Janice's star fish scape
First pose with conch, by Janice

Earlier in the week I hooked up with Barbie AKA Wench who will be participating in Spirited Bodies 3. She is an appliance engineer at British Gas who is hoping to quit her job soon; art is calling her! She creates cartoon characters including one of herself.

Wench on crack

A tall plus-size woman, she thinks modelling may supplement her art career. She never had art classes when she was growing up, and her family were constantly on the move, across the US mainly. So she has taught herself from way back. As a child in Georgia, in the middle of nowhere, there were no art shops, and sometimes a scarcity of resources. She recalls shaving off her hair one time so that she had a place to draw.

I love this character called Keras, gonna go for that look sometime

Of Spirited Bodies, Wench says “I’m looking forward to it. It sounds absolutely bonkers.” I couldn’t agree more.

@wench is at