Models Drawing Models

This is what happens in the workshop: people try modelling. Before that they try drawing. They get addicted to both. Sometimes. That’s what happened to one couple who keep coming back for more. And more. Last event they came to draw (see results below). I wanted them to pose as a couple for our nextContinue reading “Models Drawing Models”

Felt tips, i-Pads & Blogs

Memoranda from the recent past: Most memorable ‘Raft of the Medusa’ Variation on ‘The Last Supper’ Matt who modelled at this event above wrote in his blog about it and Steve who modelled and helped us out at Battersea Arts Centre in October got writing here on his new life modelling blog.

The Last Supper of 2012

December 2012 has been a momentous month for us – journalist Lydia Slater wrote an article about our October event which appeared in ‘You’ magazine with The Mail on Sunday on December 9th – You Article. And we had a spectacular Christmas event on 15th with 14 models and about 35 artists. Here follow someContinue reading “The Last Supper of 2012”