Esther Bunting presents… ‘Growing Roots’

Down and out in 90s Soho and Old Street

Wednesday 18 March, from 7:30pm
Candid Arts, 3 Torrens Street, London, EC1V 1NQ
Tickets £15 – buy tickets online – some tickets will also be available on the door

Raw, intimate story-telling and life drawing theatre

Esther returns to Torrens Street of the 90s and dips into her teenage mind when its urban walls witnessed an extraordinary coming of age.

From her early life yearning for a different state of being, to an awakening in underground clubs and alternative culture, this performance is delivered in scenes you can draw or just immerse yourself in.

Esther is a leading model in the London life drawing scene who began her adult life in Soho peepshows and an Old Street dungeon. Now a performance artist, she brings together many elements of her life.

LIFE CHANGING experience!!!!! WOW!!! Brené Brown meets live acting meets dynamic fast moving story telling poses, this drawing session was a performance in vulnerability.
– review by artist Carl Ortman, LifeArt Stockwell.

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