Spirited Bodies presents ‘The Ages of Woman’

Looking for women of all shapes, ages, sizes and colours who are brave and confident enough to try life modelling for an evening, Friday 8th April in Central London.

Renaissance Masterpieces like Rubens‘ ‘The Three Graces‘, Raffaelo’s ‘La Fornarina‘ and Titian‘s ‘The Seven Ages of Woman’ may be recreated! Monet‘s ‘Bathers’, or Matisse‘s ‘Dance’ also possible.  Some freestyle 15 minute poses desired.

There will be warm up poses for those doing the long poses, and plenty of stretch breaks.

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Prior to the event there will be various opportunities to prepare, discuss and demonstrate the requirement.

Spirited Bodies offers a safe group setting, organised by professional life models, and is about encouraging women to reclaim their nudity through art.

Life modelling can be beneficial to those overcoming body confidence issues, to women accepting and loving their bodies following pregnancy, illness, trauma, abuse or being over-sexualised.

It is a powerful way to get in touch with your self through meditation and being an inspiration for art.

Published by esther bunting

Performer, artist, writer

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