Burning Inside

Sleepy day, sleepless night;

When will I learn why do we fight?

I came across as a raving feminist,

Socialist Marxist conspiracy theorist!

How could I say that women needn’t wear

Make up, nice clothes or brush their hair?

Who’s going to buy that? Not the girl next door –

Not Angelina Jolie or Demi Moore!

Very few of us ordinary girls

Pure alienation must have been my goal

I said it’s all an illusion – those men are conning you

None of it matters except that you are true

Think of other women in the global South

Whose privilege is to worry how to feed their mouth

We need to be more equal, men and women South and North

East and West together, to an era coming forth.


At the end a little woman from India found me,

She knew what I was saying, through the hype she could see

That other English women who thought me off my rocker,

Would turn around in wonder, when I pull off my next shocker

In art and naked bodies there is money to be made

When transformations happen, big funds can be replayed

Published by esther bunting

Performer, artist, writer

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