Welcome to Spirited Bodies

Hello Spirited Bodies! This is home; and perhaps the beginning to looking like a website.
This is a place for the brave and the beautiful to connect in silent and vocal harmony. We would love everyone to find their spirited body.
We are black, white and every colour, size, global North and South calling every Spirited Body!
We are women and we might not have children; we are our own class with our own education. We love freedom of self expression and we are Spirited Bodies!
We are part of a body-love-revolution and we are women on fire!
This image was styled and created with Isabella Beirer (©Isabella Beirer Photography), Marcela Benadova & Sunanda Mesquita

Published by esther bunting

Performer, artist, writer

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Spirited Bodies

  1. hi Heather, i posted this link on fb, a friend of mine couldn’t see the page, i wonder if you have had many problems like this?…hop u r well and we need to catch up soon! love, romina

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