We are all Spirited Bodies

My name is Morimda and I came up with the idea of Spirited Bodies because I realised when I was telling people about what I do as a life model, they thought it was amazing – their faces (especially women) would light up. One friend told me I could use what I do to empower other women, as so many women (and men) have a negative body image.

I want to show you what I look like normally, made up, and in paint. I have many looks like all women, all people; and as an artist’s model I get to see myself in a wide variety of looks.
I have been modeling for a long time and when I began I was very shy. I would hardly speak, but I have always had a strong physical nature. Through modeling, which is normally a quiet activity, I have acquired a voice.

Published by esther bunting

Performer, artist, writer

4 thoughts on “We are all Spirited Bodies

  1. Thanks you for your beautiful comment. You seems to be an amazing woman yourself. saw your website and very much like your life art Handbook great idea !

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