It’s Your Write

I was invited to ‘It’s Your Write’ – a celebration of the ‘self-published and freedom of self expression’ by an artist friend, Katriona Chapman. It’s been a delightful way to end the day before Spirited Bodies 2, and I had the pleasure of meeting 4 of tomorrow’s models today. Sunshine by the river and this really is an instinctive process, and a massive plus since the last event. I remember meeting most of the models for the 1st time on the night that time, so it all felt pretty hectic.

This time round I have a sense of why they’re coming, who they are, and how they may relate to one another. Most of all it’s just maximised the potential for making new friends, and creating an opportunity that everyone may benefit from.

Spirited Bodies will be a team effort with Morimda, my sister Rebecca, and I looking after different sections of models; as well as Lucy photographing and perhaps attempting to manage the artists! I have a comedic idea of wearing my flesh coloured body suit so that I may easily jump in and demonstrate poses… yes it sounds like the balmy exhibitionist within me, but it could be the ideal way to break up the usual tension of intense focus of those often elderly artists. I do want these models to feel at ease if they suddenly want to jump in the air, ask where the loo is or just run for it! There will be plenty to draw so that should take the pressure off, and while this is an artists’ feast, it’s still a point of potential transformation for the women who are excited and nervous.

Thank you ‘It’s Your Write’ for your blogging station and free drink (good motivation), and of course lively debate on the changing nature of protest. Good event, good vibes 😉

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