Spirited Bodies, Journey Model

Spirited Bodies 2 was a beautiful success and many thanks are due to all who made it so; the Hesketh Hubbard artists, the brave new models and the splendid SB team!

In the pub, talk turned to the idea of a ‘journey model’, whereby some of our keen new models may come together over a period of time perhaps monthly and model again, charting developments.

With invitations from other galleries this can evolve into a multi-layered experience. There will be a time when the models may attempt to draw each other.

Published by esther bunting

Performer, artist, writer

2 thoughts on “Spirited Bodies, Journey Model

  1. I thought the SB models and team were fabulous – it gave a great sense of happy energy and grace to the evening. I’ve put some of my drawings from this session up on my site. Many thanks again.

    1. Thank you Justin, your images are fabulous!
      We look forward to showing all the photos Lucy took from the event, and hope to add artists’ names to them as we go along.
      Sorry that comments on this site are so obscured by the theme, this is still technically beyond me, though I hope to sort it out at some stage.

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