Down to Earth

Dear Spirited Bodies, the artist in me is torn with the idea of business. The sensible way to go now is to start up a business basically delivering what I have, but being paid by wealthy women for the service, so standardising it to their requirements. i.e. ensuring that each woman receives a beautiful image of herself after the session, amongst numerous minutiae. Oh like venue, posh venue where I really am running the whole shabang…

Why does this not excite me?

What I love about Spirited Bodies is meeting women more like myself, and making friends, and giving them a wonderful time. I love the creativity and ad hoc-ness of working with whichever group of artists fancies trying it. I honestly don’t have a passion for putting energy into the richer folk. Though perhaps if I saw the transformations I would be inspired.

creative intuitive theatrical challenge directing new models to form good group poses with women they’ve never met before, when they’re all naked in front of a large silent collection of often geriatric (sorry guys but you know I’m right) artists. Yes it’s comedy too. THAT’S WHAT I LOVE!!!

I’ve thought about it, and I don’t think I am about to embark on a direction that doesn’t thrill me. I am bound to follow the love, trusting that the money will naturally materialise

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6 thoughts on “Down to Earth

  1. My experience is that unfulfilling, mildly interesting work soon ceases to be even mildly interesting and becomes only maddeningly unfulfilling. But I have not been in financial need, so I speak from a privileged position. I do know there are many websites and blogs out there with advice on starting businesses and on merging art and business!

    1. Oh, I assure you the feeling is mutual. 😀 I have a new project in mind for my artwork and I want to email you ladies about it! I’ll try to do that tomorrow.

      1. we look forward to hearing about that xx enjoyed your piece today about emotions, felt oddly synchronous with some of my weekend if in a differing capacity. E

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