Enter Jaki Loudon, my Motivational Guru & Fellow Actress

Jaki cheered me up today as we waded into the backlog of promotional activities I have let build up…

Here’s what she helped me come up with for Why You Should Come And See ‘Girl In Suitcase’!

“This comedy-drama is inspirational, mind-blowingly honest and touches on poignant, contemporary issues. It approaches the human form in a new light making it unmissable – providing a wake up call to do something while the opportunity is still there.

Enjoy this new play by a new writing talent.

Spirited Bodies (the presenting company) is all about encouraging women (and now men) to step outside their comfort zone, and bare all. This is about shedding our fears, inhibitions and hang-ups relating to body image. This is about tuning into who we really are. Very few of us are actually comfortable with our bodies. This show may unlock a hidden desire to be seen as a work of art.

‘Girl In Suitcase’ is an autobiographical account of the relationship between a Mother – played by Jaki Loudon – and her daughter Rebecca – played by Esther Bunting – on their journey through life. Sara is now in the advanced stages of MS (multiple sclerosis) and has been estranged from her daughter for many years. The approach of death throws a bold new light on their lives.

Controversial issues about life and death are addressed in the play while an undercurrent of dark humour is ever present.

Allow yourself to be entertained by the antics of the cantankerous Sara and her libertarian daughter Rebecca.

Enjoy the inbuilt life drawing class. Come along and we’ll give you some paper and a pencil; give it a try.

Our characters highlight the need to grab opportunities while they still exist – before time runs out.

Time is of the essence.”



Trained at Academy Drama School & The Bridge Theatre Training Company. Theatre credits include : Gail in Gail Can Sing, Rat King & Captain in Dick Whittington, Sheena in Aurora, Queen Margaret in Richard III, Anfisa in Three Sisters, Violet and others in Find Me, Marion in How Love is Spelt, Flora in A Slight Ache, Time & Paulina in The Winter’s Tale, Witch in Story of the Amulet and Mother Miriam Ruth in Agnes of God, and many more

Film and TV credits include: Vodaphone Codes TV commercial, Charlotte Pope in CryBaby, Journalist in Patient 17, Penny the Bric a Brac stall holder in Coldplay’s Music DVD Life in Technicolour 2.

My lovely friend Jaki


Trained at Rose Bruford. Theatre credits include Sara in Assisting Sara, Protagonist in An Ordered Kaosz, Young Syrian in Salome, Rose in Remembering Rose.

Esther wrote Girl In Suitcase, Assisting Sara and An Ordered Kaosz.

She currently works as a life model and started the Spirited Bodies events.

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Performer, artist, writer

2 thoughts on “Enter Jaki Loudon, my Motivational Guru & Fellow Actress

  1. meant to say – should you change the strapline of Spirited Bodies to ’empowering people through art’ rather than ’empowering women’? cheeky Neil emailed me from his hols to ask if any men had dared to join in and promises to be along to help next time.

    love the write up of Girl in a Suitcase – have you thought of sending it to Women’s Hour? if you are ok with it, i might just send it to a couple of people ….

    1. there’s a lot of changes I want to make when an appropriate moment comes… just about to leave for Edinburgh 🙂 lots write ups to do. By all means send to people you think may be interested xxx

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