Warming Up For A New Event

As 2012 opens Lucy and I are preparing for an altogether new event; the next Spirited Bodies will be in a new venue and with different artists. We have been very fortunate to work with artists of the Hesketh Hubbard organisation at The Mall Galleries for our first 3 events, and now an invitation has come from elsewhere. The new people are ‘London Drawing’ and they organise a great number of life drawing classes and events across London and further afield in the UK. They will be hosting Spirited Bodies 4 at Battersea Arts Centre on Saturday 11th February with a morning and an afternoon session; this is part of their ‘Drawing Theatre’ series.

The style of event will be more experimental than before and we will likely occupy various spaces in the expansive BAC. This allows us to try a few new things which we’ve been thinking about for a while. Firstly we can give models a break between each pose, where previously we tried to stick to the expectation of artists at The Mall who are used to professional models who shift from one pose to the next with very little stretching time in between. This should be much more suitable for models trying this for the first time. It gives them a chance to realign their bodies after the achy stillness that may arise.

Secondly we may be able to do a far greater proportion of quick poses, where before we were trying to conform more to a standard requirement. Quick poses range from 30 seconds in length to about 10 minutes – they can even be one long continuous slow motion movement. Again this is appropriate for new models and indeed those who just want to try it the once as staying still is not easy! It does mean the model has to think on her feet more though, and some people prefer to find one pose and stick to it for longer. This faster pace is in keeping with the less conventional practices of the ‘Drawing Theatre’. I have modelled for them many times and it is more fun and performance like than a usual life modelling session. There is often movement involved, sometimes costume and a set, and always a theme.

from the last 'Drawing Theatre' with Marega Palser dance theatre company

With different rooms available to us we can offer a women-only space (as in models, as the artists are mixed), a mens’ space, a couples space and perhaps a mixed space. It will depend on the requirements of our models, and the spaces given to us. Similarly, according to the models we find, a theme may suggest itself, and in this new context we are open to far more possibility.

drawing from 'Drawing Theatre' with Hens Teeth Theatre Company, November 2011
A model at the Hens Teeth 'Drawing Theatre'

If you have an idea to try modelling and February 11th suits you, then please get in touch. While the drawing takes place from 11-1pm and from 2-5pm, we will have time before each of these sessions to prepare models and introduce everyone. In addition I usually meet models in advance of the day if possible so that everything is clear.

We would like models to stay for either or both of the sessions as they prefer, understanding that 2 or 3 hours is plenty for a first time.

from The Wild Bride 'Drawing Theatre' with Kneehigh Theatre

The Drawing Theatre is a tutored life drawing workshop and many materials are provided, so that artists create images in a variety of media, from charcoal and pastel to collage and ink.

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3 thoughts on “Warming Up For A New Event

  1. Eeee, this all sounds wonderful. I hope very much that when we get to England on our world tour (probably not until 2013) there will be a SB event I can attend, either as a model or an artist!

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