A Feeling of Intimacy & Communion

“A feeling of coming together, sharing in intimacy and real connection more pure and truthful than many everyday personal exchanges”, this is a quote from Kim, one of our models at Telegraph Hill, 21/3/12.

by Francis Wardale, ” For most of the time I tried to draw the whole group – taking advantage in having that number of models.” http://www.franciswardale.com/
by Charles Patey, "The challenge of multiple models is to try to catch the spatial relationship between the models."

“I felt trusted and grateful to be included in the other participant’s personal threshold experiences.”

by Brian McKenzie, http://www.bdmckenzie.blogspot.co.uk/

“I have modelled for life drawing groups before and even once in a group setting but never before has the experience been tinged with such nuances of communion as it was at The Spirited Bodies event. It really was an experience of opening, freeing and honouring ourselves and one another and I feel so grateful to have been trusted and accepted as witness and participant in this event. Thank you!” You are very welcome!

by Brian McKenzie

Whenever I watch the models as they pose together at one of our events, part of me wishes to be with them. I do enjoy the pleasure of watching them, as they find their part in the picture. Sometimes I try to draw. Next time I hope Lucy and I have a chance to join them, at least for part of the time, because I know their experience is one I have not yet had. And it is a beautiful one, of togetherness and bonding. They are quite elated, if challenged by the difficulty too.

by Brian McKenzie
by Francis Wardale

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2 thoughts on “A Feeling of Intimacy & Communion

  1. Wonderful artwork. I really get a sense from these pieces, and from the participants’ comments, of the tangible feeling of community at the events. It is special to have so many models in the room, and I love seeing pictures that capture that group spirit.

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