On Holy Ground a Space for Transformation

I visited the hall where Saturday’s event will take place

Lots of floor space and more light from above too bright for my pesky phone camera to capture the awesome high ceiling

The building is only sometimes still a church, mostly it is used as a community space for a choir, a dance school, a creche, amateur dramatics etc. Not a pretty church but a good space. There is an organ and a piano if anyone would like to accompany the service!

a very plain church which will point up the awesomeness of the models

Spirited Bodies team is reunited once more! It is a bit like an ethereal organisation; sometimes we needs must disappear. We are now very much on the Earth plane and busy connecting with our excellent group of models to be and also the artists.

This will be our first event entirely run by us. The last one in Telegraph Hill was almost such, but being part of a festival, it was promoted and the space given by the festival. It has been tricky to have time etc to invite as many artists as we possibly could to do the event justice. As you can see the space is large, so there is room. Do get in touch if you would like to come and draw, or just turn up. Last time we fitted into a much smaller space, so it will be beautiful to enjoy extra leg room and more possibilities for moving about to get a different view.

As well we may divide the models into smaller groups some of the time, and space them out around the hall.
Lucy unearthed some gorgeous pictures of artwork created at the Drawing Theatre event at Battersea Arts Centre earlier this year.

The bodies look very connected




collage figures


beautiful pose by 2 models who met on the day and joined up!


Looking forward to the magic!




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5 thoughts on “On Holy Ground a Space for Transformation

  1. Yes it looks like a huge space! The drawings are wonderful and am somewhat nervously but excitedly looking forward to participating in this event. I think you’re right the space will be thoroughly transformed and not only that but the folk participating should be both transformed and liberated by the occasion.

  2. Looks like a wonderful space! And those drawings are incredible, incredible. I will disdainfully ignore my inner critic’s attempt to compare my work to these artists’! Wish I could be there on Saturday, but I know it will be great. 🙂 Brilliant wishes!

  3. Thank you so much! It is a shame we can’t be in Edinburgh with you, would have been really nice. You would make a feast with the possibilities at Spirited Bodies in either role 🙂 Sometimes models draw for half the time at the event, though sometimes it’s hard to tear them away from modelling! I would love to see what you might create especially in watercolour with a group.

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