Belly Button (Body Adoration) Sculptures

This is a poem by Ursula who took part yesterday and joins us as we create the next event, for Notting Hill Visual Arts Festival (next week – see ‘Events’)
Belly Button (Body Adoration) Sculptures
I so like to engage
With my body
Display its beauty
For which I am grateful
Especially my belly
As the centre of it all
I start breathing consciously
To establish a relationship to it
See how it ebbs and rises
My belly, as the centre of action
And the focus of my adoration
Because I can work with it
And shape it
Into a form that I like
Not too big
But small and beautiful
With its button in the middle
As a sign of my connectedness
To where I come from
Not too small
Otherwise I can’t see the belly under the button at all
And my feelings could disappear
And could get lost anywhere
My belly is a landscape
My belly is a landscape with a button
My belly is a landscape with a button and I like it
Not too hilly
The hills come further north
Along my body
Hills with nipples at their tips
The kind of hills that we call tits
The centre, though, is my belly
I think that my soul lives here
I imagine this to be the home
Of my feelings, of my sensitivity
I so like
To engage with my body
As it’s a part of me
Along with my mind and soul and spirit
Making me part of humanity, I share with it
I am, We are
Minds souls spirits and bodies
An array, a display of landscapes and sculptures
Every-body wrapped in a skin and a colour
And their outlines horizons
With a button
In the middle
Of each one’s belly.                                                                                          © Ursula troche, 2 – 7.12
Photograph by Ursula Troche
Photograph by Ursula Troche

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