Olympian Carnival of Stillness

Notting Hill Carnival 2002 (London, UK) Photo ...
Notting Hill Carnival 2002 (London, UK) Photo of the Notting Hill Carnival, the original image was taken on 26th August 2002 by User:ChrisCroome, this image is © Chris Croome 2002 and it has been made available under the GNU Free Documentation License. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are hotting up for a new adventure at Spirited Bodies; a week today will be our 7th event, and the 1st time that Lucy & I take part in the modelling. We are scaling down in numbers to intensify and get an insight from within. Instead of being the outside eye, we will be with and among our new models, instigating direction whilst in pose. A mutual dialogue to engage with models as well as artists on what is working. Ursula will also be modelling with us, and this is to be in the space where I met her, underneath the Westway, Ladbroke Grove (https://spiritedbodies.com/2012/07/05/double-exposure-meeting-my-match/).

Two themes grabbed us; Olympian poses – we were thinking about the original Olympics in ancient Greece, as well as nudity among those Gods & Goddesses

Secondly; Carnival since Notting Hill is preparing for that. We will create a nude carnival, a chain of characters on the razzle.

Here are some people in the part of Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival called the Mud Block;

And here are some Gods & Goddesses to inspire us with their timeless perfection!

Majestic Mars
Poseidon on the Look Out!
Amorous Indulgence; Morpheus & Iris
Neptune & Amphitrite
Reclining Persephone
Feeling the strife of being minor characters in the Greek pantheon
and of course Venus herself

Spirited Bodies is an adaptable animal; we can be part of large scale multi-organisation events, and we can do tiny intimate soirees prepared on the hoof; Ladbroke Grove has that sort of edgy quality. What it lacks in elegant sophistication is countered by a street vibe that Notting Hill radiates. This accounts for the lack of web presence for the elusive Notting Hill Visual Arts Festival 2012, which we understand is on its way!

We are all about being in the moment so that works for us, and personally I am loving spending more time in W10, especially in the recent sunshine. You can feel the carnival rocking up a month before it happens, and there is a buzz of magical possibilities swirling all around the Westway.

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