Mall Reunion

Last Monday Lucy, Morimda and I met up again for the first time since Spring 2011; we were at the Private View of an exhibition of work done by Hesketh Hubbard – the organisation of artists who first hosted Spirited Bodies when Morimda originally set it up in Autumn 2010.

Most of the art was figurative and we recognised many of the models in the pictures, some of whom were also there in person.

This is Matthew Oghene

Lucy took pictures of the artworks and we asked a tipsy artist to take a few snaps of us;

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks; I dropped out of a long pose at The Slade because my Mum was more ill than usual, and I wanted to concentrate more on Spirited Bodies. Not that you can tell from this blog, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes at the moment as we begin postering the borough of Wandsworth and engaging with local communities about life modelling and body image.

We are getting a small amount of funding from Wandsworth Council which ties us to sourcing models from the borough. I am enjoying this challenge more than I expected to. Having a reason to find local people especially women (we still hear from so many more men) brings us back to what it’s all about – reaching out to people who might not otherwise know about us or consider such an activity.

Here are some more artworks – hover over to see the name of the artist and the piece.

I like to smile when I model too!

lovely pose – possibly Matthew
Looks like a rooftop of sirens!

I love Lucy’s pottery, I have 3 of her bowls
Matthew has various projects; quite a model to watch out for. I recently worked with him at The Slade, he is such a sweet guy!
This is Tansy who first life modelled at the 1st Spirited Bodies when she was 17. Now she is a pro and an excellent photographic model –

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