Sponsor Spirited Bodies! We are Crowdfunding

Spirited Bodies first crowdfunding Feb 2013 from Lucy Saunders on Vimeo.

our first ever crowdfunding effort – lots of images of artwork created at Spirited Bodies events and stills courtesy of Gilead Limor

Follow this link to reach our Sponsume page where you can donate!

Author: estherbunting

Performer, artist, writer

7 thoughts on “Sponsor Spirited Bodies! We are Crowdfunding”

    1. I forgot to put it in! But I have now added a ‘Donate’ page to this site and that does have the link to our Sponsume page. Whoops! And Thank You so much! Better get editing

      1. Ok link added. The blurb is a bit out of date now (was aimed towards our Southbank event earlier this month), but I reckon we’ll do a fresh film and rewrite it after this ‘project’ timeframe is over, if you see what I mean

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