Spirited Sound

In under a month, Spirited Bodies will be at The Southbank Festival of Creativity, at the Bargehouse, Oxo building. There is a women’s event on Wednesday 4th November, and a mixed on Sunday 8th, both in the afternoon.

For the mixed event I am collaborating with Sarah Kent, a sound/gong bath practitioner, to bring healing sounds to the life studio. Models may sculpt their poses to the subtle shifts in vibrations, resonating across the atmospheric attic. Artists can find their groove with the gong!

Here is the mixed event description:

Spirited Bodies creates a sacred space for people to reconnect with their physical and spiritual selves through the medium of life modelling and drawing. The group are guided through the techniques and demands of life modelling, and to create poses together. The aim is to honour our bodies and share in the liberation that nudity offers. Each person’s journey is unique, and participants have a chance to share their experience through talking afterwards which helps to debrief and go back into the world! The workshop is a meditative experience with some movement and breathing exercises plus a lot of stillness. Differently-abled people are welcomed and we hope we can accommodate you – unfortunately this space will not be accessible being up stairs, however there will also be a women’s session in an accessible space. Everyone has their own way to pose, and we can help you find yours. Modelling places are limited for each event so an application procedure is required and in any case to discover your intentions so we may understand what kind of group is coming together. Let us know if you would just like to come to draw – for this you must buy a ticket. We look forward to sharing this beautiful transformative space with you.


And about Spirited Sound:

In this journey of 4 tableaux, we combine the meditative atmosphere of life modelling and drawing with the resonant sounds of gongs, bells and bowls to explore awakening and emerging nude. The spirited sounds open, soften and hold, as we bring awareness to being witnessed, just as we are. The brain entrains to the sound frequencies, enabling a shift in consciousness to the “theta” level associated with dreams, meditation and intuition, creating space for release and new experiences to emerge.

Sarah Kent’s website – http://www.silvermondays.com/ (her sound work will appear on a new website soon)

Some of Sarah's instruments from a soundbath I experienced
Some of Sarah’s instruments from a soundbath I experienced

To buy tickets – Eventbrite

From our 2013 event at St John's church, Waterloo, with the Drawing Theatre - A Human Orchestration. Models created a soundscape
From our 2013 event at St John’s church, Waterloo, with the Drawing Theatre – A Human Orchestration. Models created a soundscape

For the Women’s Event see the Women’s page here

And a link to tickets for the Women’s event


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5 thoughts on “Spirited Sound

  1. I’d love to be part of this creative event and have modelled with SB a number of times before.

    It may also help me get used to my new slimmed down shape. How do I sign up for it, if you have room for me?

    1. Hi Clifford, you are very welcome, and I look forward to seeing your new physique. I will be in touch nearer the time with more details. Meanwhile, do let artists know about this unique opportunity which you will be helping to create. It’s great to have your experience with us 🙂

      1. Thanks Esther. I’ll put it in my diary and do my best to help. The new shape seems well received, even though I am now a bit small for my skin! That might be interesting to draw though.

  2. Hi Esther i would like to be a part of this event i am a experienced model and have worked with you before and would love to again.

    So please get in touch.

    Regards graham.

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