Sarah Kent writes about our collaboration, (& photos from Spirited Sound)

A few words from sound artist Sarah Kent, about us working together at Bargehouse over 3 weeks ago. We will be working together again in under 2 weeks, at Tanner Street, Sunday 13th December. Again there will be a women’s, and a mixed session. More details here. What a unique experience this was, and whatContinue reading “Sarah Kent writes about our collaboration, (& photos from Spirited Sound)”

Spirited Sound

In under a month, Spirited Bodies will be at The Southbank Festival of Creativity, at the Bargehouse, Oxo building. There is a women’s event on Wednesday 4th November, and a mixed on Sunday 8th, both in the afternoon. For the mixed event I am collaborating with Sarah Kent, a sound/gong bath practitioner, to bring healingContinue reading “Spirited Sound”