Conspiracy uncovered

I did call myself a conspiracy theorist for a short while! I really believe the world is created in the way that we look at it. So if we want to change it…. we need to change the way we look. That may begin with the way we look at ourselves. So if I’m standingContinue reading “Conspiracy uncovered”

Spirited Bodies presents ‘The Ages of Woman’

Looking for women of all shapes, ages, sizes and colours who are brave and confident enough to try life modelling for an evening, Friday 8th April in Central London. Renaissance Masterpieces like Rubens‘ ‘The Three Graces‘, Raffaelo’s ‘La Fornarina‘ and Titian‘s ‘The Seven Ages of Woman’ may be recreated! Monet‘s ‘Bathers’, or Matisse‘s ‘Dance’ alsoContinue reading “Spirited Bodies presents ‘The Ages of Woman’”