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Up until earlier this year I had been like most other English people in regards to public nudity – utterly horrified. Nakedness was something to be ashamed of, and as such when I was younger I would have recurring nightmares (which are really quite common) about my school peers seeing me…

BP Portrait Award

I recently visited the National Portrait Gallery and checked out this annual fare of assorted portraits. It was quite enjoyable with a reasonable amount of deviation from the photographic style which tends to dominate. Not that that isn’t admirable, just gets a little dull when we are constantly surrounded by quality photographic images. I wasContinue reading “BP Portrait Award”

Burning Inside

Sleepy day, sleepless night; When will I learn why do we fight? I came across as a raving feminist, Socialist Marxist conspiracy theorist! How could I say that women needn’t wear Make up, nice clothes or brush their hair? Who’s going to buy that? Not the girl next door – Not Angelina Jolie or DemiContinue reading “Burning Inside”