The Brave, the Confident & the Organic Whole

Making this 4th most adventurous Spirited Bodies to date, sometimes feels so awesome I want to cry! Not for the 1st time I think I could do with a manager, as my organisational skills are far from cutting it. I would probably rebel against the manager though, as Lucy may testify. Gradually she is figuringContinue reading “The Brave, the Confident & the Organic Whole”

Zeroing In

Our recent events left us with much to celebrate, and think about. The ‘Naked Date’ was successful, went really smoothly, though admittedly for myself was eclipsed by putting on my first life drawing play, ‘Girl in Suitcase’. Lucy found all the models and many wanted to go into life modelling so there was less ofContinue reading “Zeroing In”

Breaking the Muslim Tradition & Celebrating Transformation

Anita was brought up in Malaysia as a Sunni Muslim, where women have some freedom of choice about whether to cover their heads and faces. As a young person her parents brought her to London and throughout her 20s she chose a conventional path; marriage, university, career in a bank and the birth of herContinue reading “Breaking the Muslim Tradition & Celebrating Transformation”

The Naked Date

A multi-life modelling event on Friday 5th August is open to men and women who would like to try it. This is being opened to men as well, as being comfortable with our bodies is something we may ideally share regardless of gender. If you are interested, please contact me, and if you think friendsContinue reading “The Naked Date”

Larger than Life

I started modelling because I needed a job that wouldn’t make demands on my brain – and I foolishly thought that modelling wouldn’t. I was ill, and no longer able to do the PR job I had done before, I had problems with memory, words, speech at times – so a silent job had greatContinue reading “Larger than Life”