The Brave, the Confident & the Organic Whole

Making this 4th most adventurous Spirited Bodies to date, sometimes feels so awesome I want to cry!

Not for the 1st time I think I could do with a manager, as my organisational skills are far from cutting it. I would probably rebel against the manager though, as Lucy may testify. Gradually she is figuring out how to spoonfeed me just enough so I don’t spit the whole lot out.

Lucy creates order, lists, comprehensive plans and information in tabular form. She also doubles up as the next best thing to a shit hot lawyer who is also my mate. She’s not a lawyer, but she bamboozles anyone who presents an obstacle with so many lists of facts they hadn’t possibly imagined a life model might come up with; she is much more than a secret weapon.

I realised after the 2nd event when I found myself busy falling in love, that we were complementary partners, a natural team. As soon as I became indisposed, she picked up the baton and ran with it (having been unavailable until exactly that moment).

Spirited Bodies is not something I could do alone. For a start how can I seriously expect people to believe life modelling will be good for them just because it works for me? I am so skinny that the French ladies sculpting me in a standing pose have to add layers on to my legs just so that the clay doesn’t fall over. Fat seems to be one of the biggest body issues people have, apart from ageing of course, but I have trouble acquiring a single ounce, such is my metabolism, genes and cycling addiction. People laugh at my suggestion saying it’s easy for you. But Lucy… she has what I lack, and to excess, so that between us we cover a beautiful spectrum of female form.

Coming forward to participate this time I noticed a surge of interest from continental types, perhaps more ready to embrace an episode in the nude. As well as this what stands out is a difference between male and female interest. Not entirely but certainly markedly there is a distinction between those looking to gain confidence, and those wishing to share and celebrate it with others. There is confidence in male and female quarters, but percentage wise, the men outnumber in that respect. I think that’s because it’s overall more acceptable or normal to address body issues as a woman. As a man it is more ok to be ok with one’s body.

It’s all fine for us. What matters is the joy of finding these lovely people and having an opportunity to bring them together. The nervous will stand alongside the confident, and they may be levelled. Indeed with some of the high standard of body love coming our way, some of our shyer models may be wowed and thrilled at positive attention they will no doubt receive 🙂

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Performer, artist, writer

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