What to expect at Spirited Bodies – 20/10/12

For those of you who were not at the last event we did at Battersea Arts Centre, there are a few aspects of this event which I need to inform you of. Timing of Poses at the Drawing Theatre Poses are not timed; this is an experimental life drawing session which is more like aContinue reading “What to expect at Spirited Bodies – 20/10/12”

Welcome to the Nude Revolution: A Model’s Words

1. Have you done any life or other nude modelling before? I have done modelling only once, this was just on Wednesday this week.  It was the first time ever.  I was by myself, there were four artists drawing.  I was very nervous.  I am not a natural in the nude, it is something veryContinue reading “Welcome to the Nude Revolution: A Model’s Words”

The Principle of Love

Spirited Bodies is always a learning curve for me and our latest event brought the addition of photography to the challenge. Some models were fine with it, but others highly sensitive, and most somewhere inbetween, only really able to say once they had seen the images. There are considerations of being discovered online and thisContinue reading “The Principle of Love”

Spirited Bodies, Journey Model

Spirited Bodies 2 was a beautiful success and many thanks are due to all who made it so; the Hesketh Hubbard artists, the brave new models and the splendid SB team! In the pub, talk turned to the idea of a ‘journey model’, whereby some of our keen new models may come together over aContinue reading “Spirited Bodies, Journey Model”

Morimda’s ‘Le Derrier Noir’

“Before I started life modeling I was very shy, and I really used modeling as a way to discover my sexiness and my sexuality. I did know I looked sexual because of my shapes, but I wasn’t feeling comfortable with this. Through life modeling, seeing how other people were drawing me, made me aware ofContinue reading “Morimda’s ‘Le Derrier Noir’”