Drafting the Manifesto

Spirited Bodies Manifesto

To empower life models; by gaining recognition and understanding for their work

To offer the opportunity of life modelling to other people who can benefit in a variety of ways; by becoming comfortable in their own skin, and engaging in a silent meeting with the self

People get to experience nudity in front of others in a safe, artistic environment, as well as understanding what it is to life model

To reclaim nakedness from negative social assumptions

To give artists a unique opportunity to work from a group of diverse models in directed tableaux

Life models transform their position in the eyes of artists, by empowering themselves. Through sharing their skills with non-professionals, and training potential life models, models may express their previously unspoken qualities

Life modelling is offered as a valuable chance for getting in touch with our inner self, which enhances wellbeing

The stillness of life modelling enforces another level of discipline

Spirited Bodies, www.spiritedbodies.com, is an arts organisation that empowers people through modelling for artists.  Founded in 2010, Spirited Bodies creates events where individuals new to modelling for artists pose in groups, providing a rare opportunity for artists to work from more than one nude model at a time.  For people who are not used to being naked in public, it is an empowering chance to hold a meeting with themselves in a managed artistic context.

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