Feminine Transmission

Spirited Bodies has entered its enfoldment phase prior to next week’s event.
Today I began to meet with the participants, and I feel the magic taking hold.
I am so inspired by each amazing woman coming forward to shed a layer and be captured on canvas. They are maverick theatre directors, ground-breaking social entrepreneurs, political dynamite, yogic yonis and instinctive divas. I can’t believe they want to take time out to undress at The Mall, but the message is clear: there is a need to come out nude.
I am aware that this is partly a national/international phenomenon at present, and where I’m tapping it is personal connection, so focusing heavily on women’s empowerment.
I have been greatly inspired lately by The Women on Fire, and I shall say no more but leave you with this breath-taking message from founder, Judith Seelig.

We are all Spirited Bodies

My name is Morimda and I came up with the idea of Spirited Bodies because I realised when I was telling people about what I do as a life model, they thought it was amazing – their faces (especially women) would light up. One friend told me I could use what I do to empower other women, as so many women (and men) have a negative body image.

I want to show you what I look like normally, made up, and in paint. I have many looks like all women, all people; and as an artist’s model I get to see myself in a wide variety of looks.
I have been modeling for a long time and when I began I was very shy. I would hardly speak, but I have always had a strong physical nature. Through modeling, which is normally a quiet activity, I have acquired a voice.

Welcome to Spirited Bodies

Hello Spirited Bodies! This is home; and perhaps the beginning to looking like a website.
This is a place for the brave and the beautiful to connect in silent and vocal harmony. We would love everyone to find their spirited body.
We are black, white and every colour, size, global North and South calling every Spirited Body!
We are women and we might not have children; we are our own class with our own education. We love freedom of self expression and we are Spirited Bodies!
We are part of a body-love-revolution and we are women on fire!
This image was styled and created with Isabella Beirer (©Isabella Beirer Photography), Marcela Benadova & Sunanda Mesquita

Conspiracy uncovered

I did call myself a conspiracy theorist for a short while!

I really believe the world is created in the way that we look at it. So if we want to change it…. we need to change the way we look. That may begin with the way we look at ourselves.

So if I’m standing nude in front of a bunch of artists, and I’m feeling ‘I should have shaved, it’s a shame I’m not more curvy, and did I pluck my nipples?’ then what may be reflected back to me is some endearing self-consciousness.

If I think, ‘You know what – I just want to get laid’, then going to the pub with them afterwards will likely produce a desired result.

If I’m wondering, ‘How the hell am I going to get this project to take off?’ then I think it’s tone of thought that applies. I guess the advice would be ‘Consider that it already is. It is alive, active, organic, and it happens because people – not just me – want it to.’

Of course I need to let people know about it, and somehow get freed up to connect with the right people. Katherine Baldwin (JustasIam40 blog) informed me of¬† ‘The Endangered Species Summit’ in New York, which would have been an ideal opportunity. Katherine has given up negative thoughts about her body for lent.

At least I made it to the ‘Women of the World Festival’ on the Southbank – London. And even more magically, had an opportunity to tell a high profile female panel about Spirited Bodies. That I came across as a raging feminist conspiracy theorist may require some styling out! But not all of my message felt fearful; just an urgent passion to release women from the bondage of image may have sounded crankily religious, almost power-mongering and downright out of touch with the celebrities present reluctance to take part themselves.

So following my own advice, I WILL(!) stop worrying about this; and think many blessed, abundant and liberated thoughts as I pose, when I swim, as I pedal and while I breathe.

Rhythm of the Night

Peckham Pool at dusk like floating in space, empty, so far from the rush.

5 Rhythms women share a dance, and when we express thoughts at the end, body issues surface.

I tell about Spirited Bodies and there is interest. I think this is the spiritual home of SB. One woman thinks that the models get to draw each other. She is disappointed to find it’s not that way. But she has given me an idea. After all; if one is shy, then more encouraging would be to show oneself bare only in the company of others also baring themselves.