Down to Earth

Dear Spirited Bodies, the artist in me is torn with the idea of business. The sensible way to go now is to start up a business basically delivering what I have, but being paid by wealthy women for the service, so standardising it to their requirements. i.e. ensuring that each woman receives a beautiful image of herself after the session, amongst numerous minutiae. Oh like venue, posh venue where I really am running the whole shabang…

Why does this not excite me?

What I love about Spirited Bodies is meeting women more like myself, and making friends, and giving them a wonderful time. I love the creativity and ad hoc-ness of working with whichever group of artists fancies trying it. I honestly don’t have a passion for putting energy into the richer folk. Though perhaps if I saw the transformations I would be inspired.

creative intuitive theatrical challenge directing new models to form good group poses with women they’ve never met before, when they’re all naked in front of a large silent collection of often geriatric (sorry guys but you know I’m right) artists. Yes it’s comedy too. THAT’S WHAT I LOVE!!!

I’ve thought about it, and I don’t think I am about to embark on a direction that doesn’t thrill me. I am bound to follow the love, trusting that the money will naturally materialise

Feminine Transmission

Spirited Bodies has entered its enfoldment phase prior to next week’s event.
Today I began to meet with the participants, and I feel the magic taking hold.
I am so inspired by each amazing woman coming forward to shed a layer and be captured on canvas. They are maverick theatre directors, ground-breaking social entrepreneurs, political dynamite, yogic yonis and instinctive divas. I can’t believe they want to take time out to undress at The Mall, but the message is clear: there is a need to come out nude.
I am aware that this is partly a national/international phenomenon at present, and where I’m tapping it is personal connection, so focusing heavily on women’s empowerment.
I have been greatly inspired lately by The Women on Fire, and I shall say no more but leave you with this breath-taking message from founder, Judith Seelig.

Welcome to Spirited Bodies

Hello Spirited Bodies! This is home; and perhaps the beginning to looking like a website.
This is a place for the brave and the beautiful to connect in silent and vocal harmony. We would love everyone to find their spirited body.
We are black, white and every colour, size, global North and South calling every Spirited Body!
We are women and we might not have children; we are our own class with our own education. We love freedom of self expression and we are Spirited Bodies!
We are part of a body-love-revolution and we are women on fire!
This image was styled and created with Isabella Beirer (©Isabella Beirer Photography), Marcela Benadova & Sunanda Mesquita

Rhythm of the Night

Peckham Pool at dusk like floating in space, empty, so far from the rush.

5 Rhythms women share a dance, and when we express thoughts at the end, body issues surface.

I tell about Spirited Bodies and there is interest. I think this is the spiritual home of SB. One woman thinks that the models get to draw each other. She is disappointed to find it’s not that way. But she has given me an idea. After all; if one is shy, then more encouraging would be to show oneself bare only in the company of others also baring themselves.

Sucking the Devil’s Cock: Business Model

‘Sucking the Devil’s Cock’ is a popular business model for those who wish to provide a service that can be available to anyone, rich or poor. The simple premise is that those with money pay for those without; and that’s how I would like Spirited Bodies to progress. If I can sell body confidence, I want that to be available to ANY one.

At the moment participation is free, because I/we are still learning how to best deliver. Being such a unique experience, with participants coming to it from very varied and sometimes complex and personal backgrounds, requires tremendous insight in order to make it work for each person.

In addition I still intend to make money by selling the artwork (as was the original premise), and donating this to charity. It has been the vast nature of this task which has prevented me/us from doing this so far.

I am now in touch with some selected charities whom I would like to help fund. These include ‘Womankind’, who help women in several developing countries to overcome violence and be empowered to improve their lives. Also ‘Stree Mukti Sanghatana’ work with women recyclers in India, who spend their lives trawling enormous rubbish dumps supplied by us Westerners. I would also be interested in working with ‘Women for Women’ who specifically deal with women in war torn countries.

There are many such charities, and there is good evidence to support the notion that empowering women in developing countries is the best way forward. Women will produce more food and share it more widely, amongst other favourable statistics.

The entire planet faces the emergence of a more spiritual time, so overcoming body consciousness is paramount to our development. In the West and richer countries, we have been privileged enough to become anxious about our appearance. I think we need to shed this, en mass, in order to tune into higher purposes of world peace and love.

I’m focusing on women to begin with because we have been uber-bombarded in the West by mass media concerning our appearance and sexuality, and because globally we women have not had equality in any remotely recent history! Personally I imagine that if gender equality was truly reached, a lot of other inequalities might also shift simultaneously. It’s like thinking of a magnetic shift in the planet’s poles. Obviously men are extremely damaged by women’s impoverishment, and most men are as disempowered themselves; but an initiative towards women is necessary to counter the disproportionate burden they have carried.

Yes big ideas and wild claims! I have dreams and I will follow them.