Down to Earth

Dear Spirited Bodies, the artist in me is torn with the idea of business. The sensible way to go now is to start up a business basically delivering what I have, but being paid by wealthy women for the service, so standardising it to their requirements. i.e. ensuring that each woman receives a beautiful imageContinue reading “Down to Earth”

Feminine Transmission

Spirited Bodies has entered its enfoldment phase prior to next week’s event. Today I began to meet with the participants, and I feel the magic taking hold. I am so inspired by each amazing woman coming forward to shed a layer and be captured on canvas. They are maverick theatre directors, ground-breaking social entrepreneurs, politicalContinue reading “Feminine Transmission”

Welcome to Spirited Bodies

Hello Spirited Bodies! This is home; and perhaps the beginning to looking like a website. This is a place for the brave and the beautiful to connect in silent and vocal harmony. We would love everyone to find their spirited body. We are black, white and every colour, size, global North and South calling everyContinue reading “Welcome to Spirited Bodies”

Rhythm of the Night

Peckham Pool at dusk like floating in space, empty, so far from the rush. 5 Rhythms women share a dance, and when we express thoughts at the end, body issues surface. I tell about Spirited Bodies and there is interest. I think this is the spiritual home of SB. One woman thinks that the modelsContinue reading “Rhythm of the Night”

Sucking the Devil’s Cock: Business Model

‘Sucking the Devil’s Cock’ is a popular business model for those who wish to provide a service that can be available to anyone, rich or poor. The simple premise is that those with money pay for those without; and that’s how I would like Spirited Bodies to progress. If I can sell body confidence, IContinue reading “Sucking the Devil’s Cock: Business Model”