‘Little Pieces of Me’ by Sylvie Rouhani

It was my first time joining the Spirited Bodies as a model. I wanted to be there in the morning but as I overslept so I only came for the afternoon session. I was rather calm and reserved sitting on my own after getting into my dressing gown…I was very much into my own bubbleContinue reading “‘Little Pieces of Me’ by Sylvie Rouhani”

Nurturing Strength

Veronika and Ash allowed Spirited Bodies to discover the beauty of their relationship. Morimda worked with them to draw out their inherent grace. “The reason I love this picture is the sensibility of the female form holding and allowing the man to rest in a very very subtle and reassuring way. The artist has capturedContinue reading “Nurturing Strength”

Morimda’s ‘Le Derrier Noir’

“Before I started life modeling I was very shy, and I really used modeling as a way to discover my sexiness and my sexuality. I did know I looked sexual because of my shapes, but I wasn’t feeling comfortable with this. Through life modeling, seeing how other people were drawing me, made me aware ofContinue reading “Morimda’s ‘Le Derrier Noir’”