In the Family – Spirited Bodies 10 at The Mall Feb ’13, some photos by Gil

Our recent event returned us to Spirited Bodies’ beginnings in 2010 in terms of the venue. My personal beginning in terms of my parents were also present; they were modelling for portrait. At The Mall Galleries, most of the artists knew what to expect, though since our last collective visit we have evolved and areContinue reading “In the Family – Spirited Bodies 10 at The Mall Feb ’13, some photos by Gil”

Models Drawing Models

This is what happens in the workshop: people try modelling. Before that they try drawing. They get addicted to both. Sometimes. That’s what happened to one couple who keep coming back for more. And more. Last event they came to draw (see results below). I wanted them to pose as a couple for our nextContinue reading “Models Drawing Models”

Arts For All; & all about the Man!

Returning from a workshop of ours I mused that we are teaching people how to be naked! It ought to be natural. It is! Today I took a Spirited Body to work and I don’t just mean my own. James couldn’t make any of our workshops but through emailing I could tell he was prettyContinue reading “Arts For All; & all about the Man!”

On Holy Ground a Space for Transformation

I visited the hall where Saturday’s event will take place The building is only sometimes still a church, mostly it is used as a community space for a choir, a dance school, a creche, amateur dramatics etc. Not a pretty church but a good space. There is an organ and a piano if anyone wouldContinue reading “On Holy Ground a Space for Transformation”

Enter Jaki Loudon, my Motivational Guru & Fellow Actress

Jaki cheered me up today as we waded into the backlog of promotional activities I have let build up… Here’s what she helped me come up with for Why You Should Come And See ‘Girl In Suitcase’! “This comedy-drama is inspirational, mind-blowingly honest and touches on poignant, contemporary issues. It approaches the human form inContinue reading “Enter Jaki Loudon, my Motivational Guru & Fellow Actress”